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What is a feminine business woman? In short, a feminine business woman is a woman who places a priority of nurturing her family over doing business, and also strives to bring feminine energy and nurture her clients and coworkers as well.

We are feminine business women and what this means is that we place the needs of our families over our business. While we absolutely LOVE what we do, and LOVE our unique, diverse, and beautiful clients, our business flows around our families needs. What this means, is that business hours may change periodacally to accommodate husbands and children, we may need to cancel for the day if children are sick, that we do not answer phones or text messages on days off, or outside of business hours ( we may anwser emails on days off), that we close the salon when our children are out of school, and there may be times when we have shorter days than some in order to take care of business at home.

It is difficult to balance both home life and working outside of the home. We feel that too many women strive to be super women and "have it all". We believe that this type thinking has too many women stressed out, and neglecting their husbands, children, and homes. Life is short, and at the end of the day, time with loved ones is what counts the most. We strive to give our clients our best and our hearts, but we do not strive for unattainable perfection. We are advocates of all women standing up for feminine business hours in their place of work. We hope that you understand and we truly do love and appreciate all of you!!!


Warmest Regards,

Candice & Staff

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